How green is print?

Good question. When millions of trees, more precisely 10 Million trees, are cut every day for paper and lots of chemicals being flood out of ink manufacturing units and printing presses the question may seem to be out of place. No, not really. You cannot avoid all but can compensate or minimise the loss of some and reduce the impact. Not all papers you see use trees and most of it is recycled.  You cannot avoid paper by far, but what about reusing or minimizing the use or recycling them?

When it comes to environment, society and mending the world we all think of major steps, big moves and end of the day stop where we started. No big leaps can be made without small steps.  It is the small, humble steps that made the mankind achieve great heights. So what you can do today to save the planet, when it comes to print?

The modern developments in printing technology have helped the mankind to drastically reduce the carbon emissions. Combined with a bit of social commitment from the printing companies, there is a lot that can be done to minimize the damage to the environment. As a customer, choose the print method that has minimal wastage during the process – wastage of paper, ink and energy.

In comparison to Offset Printing, the new era Digital Printing effectively cut down carbon emissions, reduces wastage drastically and saves lot of energy. Because digital print equipmentsare Energy Star complaint, it has energy saving modes and optimal energy consumption levels.

DESCO has implemented environment conservation measures in its print centres and promote recycled papers to our customers, among other suggestions to be environment friendly.

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