Should you RE-BRAND..??

Establishing a brand will take a lot of time, effort and money, initially, and once you have a solid brand, you may not want to start all over again by re-branding yourself. Here is something to think about, though: Since you already have a brand that is established, you aren’t starting from scratch. While the appearance and platform may change, the company and products or services will stay the same, so your loyal customer base will remain, but it will most likely change when you reveal a new, attractive upgrade.

Think about some big names that are well established, and think about how many changes they’ve made in the past few years. Take Windows, for example. They updated their image to include sleek new stores that resemble Apple stores; their new operating system is entirely different; and their advertisements have an entirely different, younger mood. Underneath the branding, Windows still offers the same basic products, but their re-branding has allowed them to revitalize their company and attract a whole new set of customers, thus expanding their customer base.

If you are going to re-brand, make sure you get creative. Make sure you use postcard printing services, brochure makers and custom posters, like usual, but also make sure that your new image is young, timely, and fits in with current marketing trends. If you re-brand yourself with the trends of the early 2000’s, you will still look outdated. Look at clean designs, simple challenges, bright colors or warm fall colors, and try to make your ads and brand interactive for a younger crowd.

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